you are a public information officer for a real, existing organization.

Your role: you are a public information officer for a real, existing organization.
Your task: Write word press release on behalf of your organization.
Your press release must include:
1. Announce some sort of public position, this can be based on a real organizational case (ie. a new plan to address homelessness, restored funding for the arts) worthy of press coverage.
2. Your message must strategically help advance the mission and goals of the organization for which you are writing. Remember: as you craft and develop your message, you must connect this media-directed message with your organization’s overall mission or goal.
3. Also, connect this announcement to public/social event (downhill meeting, fundraiser, etc.).
4. Create a headline that will catch an editor or reporter’s eye – such headlines are often the exact words that you hope will become the headline of a news article that a reporter creates
5. A date and location. Just like a newspaper article, after the headline, should include the date of the release and the location (city and state) that the organization is releasing the news.
6. The text of the press release – the short paragraphs should be written in the style of a newspaper article. Do not merely list ideas. Create a micro-narrative that is thesis-directed (claim and reasons). This argument must link the policy position to the mission/vision of the politician or non-profit organization that you are promoting. Whether the position you are advocating is controversial or not, consider framing your argument as an ethical position.
7. Contact information for the organization in this format – “For more information, contact….” This information should appear at the very end of the release
8. An “About Us” paragraph at the end about your organization of choice.
– Look for sample press releases by visiting the website of political candidates or non-profit organizations, for most of these sites post their latest press releases.

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