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NR510 Conflict Management

NR510 Conflict Management I would tell the MA that she should develop effective conflict resolution skills to ensure that the disagreements with coworkers do not interfere with her work. Currently, the MA engages in negative conflict resolution. Intense arguments following a disagreement aggravate the conflict and lead to resentment among the conflicting parties (Yoder-Wise, 2013). The persistent conflict impedes the workers’ ability to perform their job. For example, the MA forgot to notify me about the patient with the critically low blood pressure because she was busy arguing with the coworker. Having the appropriate conflict resolution skills would allow the MA to resolve conflicts quickly and effectively and resume working.

I take several actions to redirect the flow away from arguments and back to patient care. First, I negotiate with the conflicting party. The negotiation allows us to present our needs and interests, make compromises and reach an agreement that favors the patient’s needs and concerns (Zerwekh & Garneau, 2013). Getting each party to compromise some interests shifts the focus away from each provider to the patient.

Secondly, I seek the intervention of the nurse manager if we cannot resolve the conflict. The involvement of a third party minimizes the biases that might delay the conflict resolution and implementation of the relevant interventions. Furthermore, the neutral third party brings a patient-centered perspective that encourages that conflicting parties to reconsider their interests and focus on patient care.

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