Write a review of at least five papers (attached) in the area of information security.

Write a review of at least five papers (attached) in the area of information security.

What follows here is a general recommendation on how you can structure
your solutions to the assignments in the courses Decision Theory and Risk
Management. In short, it consists of the following outline:
1. Summary
2. Interpretation, analysis and discussion
3. Conclusion
Note that you don’t have to follow it slavishly. However, if you aren’t
used to produce the sort of works we are asking for, then it could prove to
be quite helpful.
In the summary section you should, as the name implies, summarize the
material. A correct summary shows that you have at least read the text. In
addition it makes it easy for the examiners to see if someone would seem to
have missed something of importance.
The summary should be written such that someone who is acquainted
with the field but have yet to read the text can understand it. Consequently
you must not leave out important details. Note also that a summary
shouldn’t be a set of quotations from the original text, and that your
paraphrase mustn’t be too close to the original source.
Interpretation, analysis and discussion
Since a text usually can be interpreted in different ways depending upon the
person who reads it, it’s important that you present your own understanding
of the presented material. In many cases it would be possible for someone
to write a summary, albeit the individual doesn’t have any expert knowledge
within the actual field. However, being able to present a meaningful interpretation
requires a deeper understanding, which is exactly what we want
you to acquire.
When writing your analysis and discussion, which isn’t necessarily disconnected
from the interpretative part, you are supposed to critically examine
the content of the material under review. It is imperative that you, in addition
to stating your findings, also present your supporting arguments.
The conclusion should be a short and succinct summary of what you found
under the previous section. Although it might feel a bit repetitious it can certainly
help in clarifying and underlining the most important findings. Lastly
it provides a good foundation for a final check of whether or not you agree
with yourself.

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