Write a short paragraph based on your observations of Martin Luther King’s “postmodern” Christianity

The first question is based on the handout from the end of last class. Please bring the handout back into class with you on Tuesday. If you’ve lost it, you can find it in the resources section of Isidore.

1. Write a short paragraph based on your observations of Martin Luther King’s “postmodern” Christianity. Include at least one example that demonstrates his willingness to learn from other traditions and at least one example of how his Christian convictions factored in.

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The remaining questions relate to the chapter on Islam.

2. Why do the authors say that some knowledge of the history of western colonialism is important for understanding modern forms of Islam? (2-3 sentences)

3. The authors say that it’s important to understand pre-Islamic Arabian society if one wants to better understand Muhammad. Why is it important? (2-3 sentences)

4. List the 5 pillars of Islam and write a short summary of each pillar in your own words.

5. Write a paragraph explaining how the term “jihad” has multiple meanings that can lead to misunderstandings today. See pages 277-9 especially.


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