What’s the difference between E-Business and E-Commerce?


This week we’re talking about application of Decision support technology; Business process design and redesign; Disruptive technologies, E-Business and E-Commerce. E-Business and E-Commerce

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  • What’s the difference between E-Business and E-Commerce?
  • What is the distinction between them?

WARNING – You’re going to have to do some digging and critical thinking




I need good and quality reply/response to these discussion board answers. Just read the discussion board answers, and respond to the information you read and add more information to your answers. Just three to five Lines response each.



Kendall Lollis

What is data mining? What kinds of algorithms are used in data mining? As a business owner, what kinds of benefits can you get out of it? As an individual what kinds of concerns might this practice raise?

According to the text, “Data mining is the process of analyzing data to find previously unknown trends, patterns, and associations in order to make decisions” (Bourgeois, 2014). In data mining, algorithms are used to compute these patterns and information.

An algorithm is a set of steps or formulation used to solve a specific computer process (Beal, 2016).  According to Microsoft, in data mining, clusters to show relations in datasets and decision trees are a few of the algorithm forms used. Algorithms from SQL Server Data mining are popular, as well as K-means clustering, which is one of the oldest clustering algorithms that is available widely for different uses (Microsoft, 2016).

Business owners can learn to use information from data mining to their own benefit to understand their sales, trends, consumer audience and make decisions in order to maintain or gain competitive advantage (Bourgeois, 2014). For example, a business owner could apply information to improve customer experiences in stores from recognizing customer shopping habits.

Data mining might raise concerns for individuals because businesses and data brokers are able to gather publicly available information from the government (Bourgeois, 2014). Gathered personal information can then be sold to companies trying to improve their practices. Data mining also allows entities to target individuals for sales based on their preferences, which could lead to potentially intrusive offerings which were not wanted.

I wanted to look for something to better understand what an algorithm was. I found this link that puts algorithms into an everyday example that can easily be understood. While the example is more physical and not an artificial intelligence application, this helped me a little to visualize the process with a decision tree and how each step like “mix” or “spread” is like a program code using

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