What is social disorganization theory?

What is social disorganization theory?

2. What are three of the different adaptations that Merton identifies? Identify and discuss the three adaptations that you chose.

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3. What is differential opportunity theory?

4. What is labeling theory?

5. What is environmental criminology? What does it argue contributes to crime?

Critical Thinking Questions

1. The theories and perspectives in this unit focus on the environmental and social influence of crime. Do you think that environmental and social conditions influence crime? Why or why not? Between biological, psychological, and social factors, which one do you think plays the biggest role in crime? Why?

2. Do you agree or disagree that different opportunities for crime have an impact on whether a person will commit a crime or not? What other factors do you think play a role in whether an individual commits a crime?

3. Do you agree or disagree with Howard Becker that negative labels can have an impact on crime? Why?

4. Using some of the insights from environmental criminology, do you think your neighborhood is likely to have high or low rates of crime? Why? Give specific examples in your answer.

5. Why do you think former offenders have a hard time fitting back in to society? What consequences can this have on the individuals and on society?

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