West Florida Regional Medical Center assignment

West Florida Regional Medical Center

The west Florida Regional Medical Center’s decided to invest heavily in TQM because in Pensacola, the primary employer was using the TQM approach and had been satisfied with the results. He supported the commerce program chamber.

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He supported the commerce program chamber. The TQM approach was going to be useful since the competition that existed for patients was very high.

Since the use, of continuous quality improvement strategy had been a success in the previous four years then there was a probability that the TQM was also going to be a bigger success. This was especially for areas that required prices for services. The management team had already been trained in techniques for quality improvement (Curtis, 2000).

2. How did the program undertaken at WFRMC reflect this strategic impetus? The program undertaken at WFRMC reflects the strategic impetus by making the CQI staff quit small. The program had one employee who acted as a staff and at the same time a coach and a member of the improvement council.

The program was supposed to get a process that needed improvement, organize a team conversant with the process, clarify the existing knowledge on the process, understand what brings about variation in the process and finally selects improvement for the process.

The organized team was supposed to act by holding gain, reconsidering the owner, and continuing the improvement program. They were supposed to check data for improving processes and customer outcomes (Curtis, 2000).

What were the strengths and weaknesses of the TQM program as it was implemented here? ……………………….

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