US Health Care System essay

US Health Care System essay

The health care system might be the best but the implication of this consideration is exaggerative. Such implication does not define the system perfectly since it does not give adequate information on the U.S health care system.
According to the book Delivering Healthcare in America, the United States has a unique healthcare system. I fully concur with this statement since the delivery of healthcare services in the united state is incomparable to other countries (Shi, & Singh, 2004).

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Although the uniqueness has often been mistaken for perfection, I strongly feel that United States healthcare system has its weaknesses.

Unlike the healthcare systems of most developed countries particularly the European countries, the US healthcare system lacks equality. Shi and Singh (2004) confirm that the United States health care system has “un-equal access to health care services due to lack of insurance for all American.”

The authors also demonstrate that the US health care system has been fully commercialized.

The commercialization of the healthcare system results from existence of third-party insurers and the ever-growing private sector. This characteristic indicates imperfections and weaknesses that the health care providers need to consider.

There is no perfect health care system in the world and therefore the US health care system is not an exception (Shi, & Singh, 2004).

The imperfection of U.S health care system does not suggest that the system lacks positive values. Indeed the U.S health care system is incomparable to healthcare systems in most countries. The objective of a health care system in a country is to ensure quality life through the provision of medical services to all people………………………….

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