The US Health Care Delivery System and Drivers for Change

The US Health Care Delivery System and Drivers for Change

Describe two or more key drivers affecting health care organizations and the U.S. health care delivery system. Employers/Purchasers Private segment companies have developed key drivers of health structure transformation.

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They have attained this impact by varying their purchasing authority from compensating for flexible, free of charge service health insurance paybacks to purchasing health care, on a capitated grounds, from well-managed healthcare plans.

They now suppose (and claim) that rather than the yearly high premium upsurges of the insurance epoch, managed care premiums should drop, or grow only diffidently.

This policy has prospered in decelerating the increase of national health care costs to its lowermost rate in the last thirty years (Jones, 1996). Health Plans Just as health plans contend in the new employer marketplace for managed healthcare, rate rivalry drives their business tactics.

Burdens and reservations of the marketplace necessitate strategies to make to estimate future prices that are lesser than those they propose nowadays. This price restraint is driven by contestants as well as by managers.

New health plans engage forceful pricing to get underway in the marketplace; present insurers should essentially resort to holding on to market segment.

A considerable market share improves a health strategy’s selling power with providers and is an effective force in its accomplishment or fiasco vis-a-vis contestants……………………………………………..

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