Transition into the Professional Nursing Role

Transition into the Professional Nursing Role: Identify actions to be considered in the transition
from student to BSN graduate nurse including:
o Identify the state in which the student is seeking employment.
o Detail a minimum of three (3) criteria set forth by the Board of Nursing for obtaining an RN
license in that state.
o Conduct a new BSN graduate job search in a 30 mile radius of where the student lives or
plans to relocate.
 Provide the details of what is required to submit an application for hire for the top
two choices of employment.
• Holistic Life Balance: Provide a description of the ways in which the student intends to maintain
holistic balance in their personal life as well as in the role of professional nurse within the first
year and at five years.
NR452 Capstone Course
NR452 RUA Career Planning Guidelines for JUL16.docx Revised 06/2016 2
• Stressors and Challenges: Identify known stressors and anticipated challenges as well as plans for
managing each of them within the first year and at five years.
• Lifelong Learning: Determine a plan for lifelong learning and educational development anticipated within
the first year and at five years.
o This plan can include, but is not limited to, specialty certification, advanced nursing education, and
the pursuit of formal education outside of the nursing discipline.
• Professional Contributions: Summarize plans for contributing to at least one professional nursing
community as well as the student’s general community in the healthcare professional role within
the first year and at five years
• Scholarly Resources:
o A minimum of three (3) peer‐reviewed scholarly sources are required in support of this
o A minimum of one (1) professional nursing organization website or Board of Nursing website is
required in support of this assignment.
• Maximum of 4‐5 pages including the title page and the reference page.
• Students may find the following list of resources helpful in completing the assignment:
o American Nurses Credentialing Center at
o Board of Nursing Contact at‐bon.htm
o Holistic Nursing at‐Us/What‐is‐Holistic‐Nursing
o National Council of State Boards of Nursing at
o Nursing Community at
o Robert Wood Johnson Foundation at
o Sigma Theta Tau International at
• The sources cited both in text and on the reference page for this assignment will be formatted
according APA 6th edition guidelines.

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