Training Program Design Project

Training Program Design Project


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Guidelines: You have been hired to consult at a large corporation on these two projects:

1.Design a training course to help employees deal with gender issues at work.,

2.Write a report reflecting how your course will improve understanding and ways of relating among employees.

  • culture and history: describe cultural and historical influences on conceptions of gender and other forms of diversity
  • gender differences: discuss research findings on gender differences and similarities in aggression, achievement, and communication
  • relationships: identify gender issues in friendships and romantic relationships
  • gender expectations: explain the impact of gender, gender role expectations, and gender stereotypes on work roles and physical and mental health


Your tasks will proceed as follows:

 Problem areas: Men and women at the corporation have gathered to discuss their observations, experiences, and concerns regarding gender relations at work. The participants in your training course represent management at all levels as well as diverse administrative, technical, and intern personnel.

 During your opening session, you ask participants to introduce themselves and to state the problems they have noticed at work. Your participants may cite a general problem such as pay and power differences, and may also state their experiences of gender identification.

 Twelve participants: Imagine 12 diverse individuals who have elected to attend your training. Give each individual a name and identify him or her in your report with details including age, gender, ethnicity, and position (power level) at the corporation. Each participant’s identity descriptor should include a statement of the problems he or she has perceived at work. State the problems as if you are quoting the participant. Because this is an imaginary training group, you must place yourself in the shoes of each of your 12 participants and explain the problem from each unique perspective.

 Training program: In response to the problems the participants have presented, create an eight-part course. Your course sessions are designed to help participants better understand gender issues.

 For each of the eight sessions, state one course objective (from our course), one Web site, and one article that you will use for that session. Refer to at least one of the participants’ problems that will be addressed in the session. For each session, do the following:

  • Give the session title (focus of the session).
  • State the session’s objective or objectives (see examples in the syllabus).
  • State the participant problem(s) you will address in this specific session.
  • Name one or more peer review journal articles and/or module resources relevant to the issues brought up by the training participants. Include resources in the course modules and a relevant Web site.
  • Describe the activity for the session. We learn from each other when we listen and reflect on the experiences of others. Create and describe an activity that will promote discussion among your participants.

 Final training report: Your goal for the training program is for participants to gain the knowledge and skills they need to return to work and effectively contribute to an environment that promotes respect, gender awareness, and efforts to balance power among men and women. Describe four to six specific changes you will recommend to the corporate leaders that address the concerns presented by your training participants.

 Grading Rubric

 This project is worth a maximum of 100 points. Your grade will be based on clarity and details specific to gender issues.

Twelve participants: State problems relevant to gender concerns at the corporation from the viewpoint of 12 participants who are taking your training (30 points).

 Training program with eight sessions: Describe each session (30 points).

 Final training report: Include four to six recommendations for the corporation (30 points).

 Journal articles and Web sites: List journal article(s) and Web site(s) relevant to the project. Include citations and references formatted to conform to APA guidelines (10 points).

Training Program Design Project

Training Program Design Project

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