Topics for MBA Project

Topics for MBA Project

  • A Study on Customer Satisfaction in Mobile Telecommunications
  • A comparative study of risk management and information security in non-financial SMEs operating in the US and UK
  • A consideration of risk management, configuration management and change management as an integrated framework for delivery of IT security in organizational operations
  • A study of best HR practices in service industry
  • A study of productivity in government services in Pacific Island Countries: Problems and Solutions
  • A study of productivity in manufacturing sector in Pacific Island Countries: (Study to measure productivity and analyze problems and provide solutions
  • A study of productivity in small and medium manufacturing enterprises in Pacific Island Countries
  • A study on “why companies should go for outsourcing”
  • A study on distribution channels in aluminum industry
  • A study on Indian pharmaceutical industry
  • Addressing corporate governance and organizational risk management challenges in the Caribbean. A study of risk management structures in Jamaica
  • An analysis of deficiencies in internal controls and risk management systems in financial institutions. A study of Lehman Brother’s bankruptcy
  • An analysis of risk management in senior management decisions. A case study of French banks
  • An investigation into stakeholder pressure on organizations to implement or refine enterprise risk management strategy. A study of Zurich Financial Services
  • Assessing the effects of culture on the enterprise risk management of business managers in the Mexican oil and gas industry
  • Attrition rates at different sectors
  • Conspicuous consumption
  • Customer buying behavior towards insurance products
  • Distribution network & general insurance industry
  • E- marketing of financial services: Relationship approach
  • Effect of marketing in mobilization in BPO segment
  • Effectiveness and scope of employee referrals in the process of talent sourcing
  • Effectiveness of advertising on real estate sector
  • Enhancing productivity in services sector through effective operations management: A study of banking organizations
  • Enhancing productivity in services sector through effective operations management: A study of Insurance Industry

MBA Research paper topics

  • Examining enterprise-wide risk management practices and the implications of communicating the strategy across the organization’s business or between departments
  • Fundamental analysis of Indian telecom companies
  • Impact of promotional activities at mall on consumer’s behavior at shopping malls
  • Is measuring productivity in services sector difficult? An empirical study
  • Is protection against loss and damage to reputation the most important potential benefit of an ERM strategy? A case study of the UK insurance industry
  • Is the relationship between Enterprise risk management and firm performance contingent on adequacies of internal control? Internal control mechanisms and firm financial performance in Ghana
  • Managing of luxury brands
  • Marketing in FMCG sector
  • Measuring the effectiveness of retail banking of a nationalized bank compared to a MNC
  • Merchandising key account management in apparel exports
  • Opportunities of Financing the NANO’s in (any City)
  • Performance evaluation of initial public offers in India
  • Portfolio construction using fundamental analysis
  • Portfolio management and how it has helped increase effective investment
  • Process of underwriting and valuation of life insurance
  • Product strategies of private life insurance companies
  • Promotion strategies followed in Insurance sector
  • Risk management in foreign exchange
  • Strategies used to build successful Internet based customer services
  • Study of awareness and acceptability of UPVC windows and door systems
  • Study of consumer behavior in automobile industry y
  • Study of operations & marketing of chemical goods in SSI
  • Study of training needs across different industries
  • Study on “impact of advertising in B2B marketing”
  • Study on changing consumer preference towards organized retailing from un-organized retailing.
  • Study on consumer expectations and perceptions towards consumer loans
  • Study on creation of luxury brand
  • Study on strategies for promoting retailers’ brands
  • The impact of tax on electronic goods & products (industrial marketing)
  • The study of operations & marketing of Indian Pharmaceutical industry
  • Understanding cross cultural literacy in international business
  • Viability of Micro Insurance in Indian scenario
  • What is ailing productivity in Pacific Island Countries? A comparative study of productivity in manufacturing sector in Pacific Island Countries
  • Workers attrition rate at hotel industry is increasing. Study regarding this issue
  • Can the success of TTPOST be attributed to a leadership philosophy to create an Organisation equipped with the capabilities to continuously innovate, learn and renew?

Human Resource Management Dissertation Topics

  • An assessment of the trends towards the coordination of management practices in multinational corporations: The contribution of multinational firms to the development of standardized international best practices in HRM
  • An investigation of the dynamics of trust on international human resources management practices in shaping organizational performance
  • Developing measurements of firm strategy to assist in the importance of international HRM alignment for the achievement of maximum firm performance
  • Evaluating the multinational corporation-balancing act of developing standardized policies with the pressures to be responsive to the peculiarities of the local context. A case study of international banking
  • Examining the cultural effects of knowledge transfer in multinational subsidiaries. Is inter-subsidiary knowledge transfers likely to be most effective in subsidiaries located in similar cultural contexts?
  • Is centralization, coordination and decentralization the solution for achieving a successful interplay of IHRM strategy for centralized control and responsiveness to local circumstances? A case study of Siemens
  • Is there a distinctive Chinese approach to human resources management? A study of international resources management in Chinese multinational enterprises
  • Moderating the influence of cultural on relationships between strategic human resources management practices, motivation and organizational performance. A study of multinational corporations in Kenya
  • Multinational subsidiaries and the configuration of human resources management. The case of Spanish banks in Latin America
  • The impact of international human resources practices and organizational culture on managerial effectiveness in multinational corporations in India

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