Top Five Elements of the Health Care System that Most Need Reform

Top Five Elements of the Health Care System that Most Need Reform

This paper therefore focuses on a thorough and logical analysis of five key reform elements via an account of the United States’ health care industry. It further aims at justifying the impacts of the following health care reform elements on the current system.
Essentially, the rise or drop of the global economy is greatly dependent on the quality of health care delivered all around the globe (HackBath & Miller, 2009). To be specific, in the United States, healthcare is stands out as the largest industry adding up to fourteen percent (14 %) growth in Gross Domestic Product, which increases by a double digit annually. However, the health care industry is highly complex, large and inefficient thus necessitating the need to come up with significant number reforms, which will play a huge role in maximizing benefits enjoyed by the United States and its citizens at large (Fiscella, 2011). In simple terms, health care reform in the United States is an Affordable Care Act that was signed into law by President Obama in March 2010 (Fiscella, 2011). It entails a policy to effect positive changes to the country’s standards of health care practices. The health care industry provides exceptional opportunities for the country’s industrial and systems engineering. Since the reformation strategy paves a great room for the industry’s output towards the society, respective stakeholders are doing their best to achieve the set out reformation goals. In this regard, Healthcare reform is expected to affect all Americans, which include the old, young, working, unemployed, single and married. …………………………

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