Theft in the Workplace

My topic: Theft in the Workplace
Background: I worked at Walmart for three years, and my coworkers had gotten fired over theft more than attendance, quitting, etc. There was so much internal/external theft happening at one point I think it was about to 100,000, in just a couple of months, in losses just for our particular store. Walmart has a whole loses 3 billion dollars per year due to theft. While I was working there were one man who worked in electronics, who stole so many Xboxs, TVs, and iPhones. But, by the time they caught him, they could not prove that he stole all of it, only some of it, so he went to jail and was charged partially of what he stole. But multiple coworkers and customers steal. I have great insight on why it is happening and how to stop it; or at least bring the theft rates down.
I would place the document in a manager’s hands, so they can see the efforts/opinion of what their employees are doing/seeing.
My coworker, who works in security, will act as a resource person.
1. How are you improving your security efforts to stop the theft in the workplace?
2. Will you be installing more security cameras?
3. Is there a “scare tactic” you can use that will cause employees and customers not to steal?
4. What can the store as a whole do to protect its product?
5. Is there anything you can do to stop cashier’s from stealing from the register?

You can add on questions if it helps the essay.
The format of the paper should be like this:
1. Introduction to the subject, in which we explain why the topic is important for our
target audience. Keep that target audience in mind as you compose: in professional
writing, the document is always aimed at a particular reader (or set of readers) who will
benefit, in a practical way, by reading the document.
2. Explanation of causes
3. Explanation of the effects
4. Conclusion: In other words, what should be done next? Now that you’ve provided a
causal analysis, you suggest steps to be taken.
1100 words is the most that can be used.
I attached what he said to us.

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