The mother of an infant child asks the nurse what the right feeding schedule is for an infant

The mother of an infant child asks the nurse what the right feeding schedule is for an infant

Assignment 4

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Highlight the correct answer, and explain why.


  • The mother of an infant child asks the nurse what the right feeding schedule is for an infant. Of the following responses, which would be the best response for the nurse to make?


a. Feed the infant every 2 hours. c. Feed the infant every 4 hours
b. Feed the infant every 3 hours d. Feed the infant when the infant is hungry.




  • A concerned parent asks the nurse how much fiber a 4 year old child should have each day. Of the following responses, which best answers the parents question?


a. As much as the child will eat. c. Fourteen grams per day.
b. Between 9 and 14 grams per day. d. Nine grams per day.




  • A client tells the nurse when discharged from the hospital that the client is going to do whatever is necessary to lose some weight. What is the most appropriate response for the nurse to make?


a. Be sure to contact your physician before embarking on a weight reduction plan. c. I’ll have the registered dietitian put together a meal plan for you.
b. Good luck with your effort. d. Just follow a MyPyramid plan for 1,000 calories less a day than you think you need.




  • The nurse is caring for a client in long term care who has been prescribed tetracycline. What, if any, dietary issues related to the tetracycline must the nurse be concerned with?


a. Dairy products should not be consumed within 2 hours of taking tetracycline. c. There are no food-drug interactions associated with tetracycline.
b. The tetracycline should be taken with milk 2 hours before eating.





d. This patient cannot have any dairy products until the course of antibiotic treatment is complete.



  • The nurse is completing the initial assessment of a hospitalized client who has arthritis. The client uses aspirin daily for pain relief. The nurse makes a note to look at the patient’s labs when they come in to see if the patient may need supplementation of what nutrient?


a. calcium c. magnesium
b. iron d. vitamin E



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