The Literature Review—A Mini Version

The Literature Review—A Mini Version

Throughout this course, you will build a mini-concept paper. You will build this mini-concept paper during each of the three major assignments in the course. You should incorporate your instructor’s feedback on your assignments into other assignments in the course. Ultimately, the Unit VII Assignment will contain all of the components of the Unit III and Unit V Assignments with the inclusion of your instructor’s comments and corrections. This paper will not be your concept paper, but it will serve as an opportunity for you to begin developing skills necessary to write a concept paper in a future course. Please note that any instructor comments regarding this mini-concept paper only reflect preliminary comments. Your Dissertation Chair will be the one to approve any future concept papers.

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This purpose of this assignment is to pull the skills and concepts contained in the first three units of this course together. The development of a research question allows a researcher (or learner) to facilitate a research project efficiently. Through a systematic process of reviewing the literature, the researcher ensures the research question aligns with the problem statement while also collecting relevant research to support both the research question and the problem statement.


This assignment provides an opportunity to practice using the systematic process of reviewing the literature and developing a sound research question to guide subsequent research efforts. You are not expected to draft a perfect or final research question. Again, this assignment allows you to practice using the iterative process for developing a research question while reviewing the literature.

Complete this assignment by addressing each of the following: DBA 7240, Doctoral Writing and Inquiry into Research 3

1. Topic—In an introductory paragraph, identify the topic of interest and how this research topic fills a research gap within the larger body of literature related to the topic.


2. Theoretical Framework—What is the theoretical framework that supports the topic? Write a paragraph that provides the background for the development of the theory, model, or concept upon which you will frame your research.


3. The Research Question—Draft a primary research question.


4. The Literature Review—From the five articles used for the annotated bibliography in the Unit II Discussion Board, write a synthesis of the five articles in one or two paragraphs.


5. Research Ethics—Write a paragraph concerning the application of integrity and professionalism in research as it relates to your research.

6. Conclusion—Write a concluding paragraph to summarize the content of the essay

7. Reference Page—Properly list all sources in APA format.

No more than 4 pages

This assignment must be in APA format including an APA formatted title page, APA citations, and APA reference page. Upload the assignment as a Microsoft Word document.

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