This will be a bit more in depth than my other orders in the past, but it’s important. If needs not met I will REJECT the order. Basis for ARTICLE REVIEW is a SWOT ANALYSIS OF YETI COOLERS. Don’t use filler. Ironicly, this is more over the website than a particular article. If a writer cannot meet these needs, please refund my money rather than make a poor attempt. I also implore that, if necessary, the writer go over the requested words 275 , by say 40 or 50 words if needed to make the paper unique. If not, then so beit, but I choose this site because of the quailty of the work so I hope it will stay that way.
Professor’s Criterion for Article Review
blend your responses to questions into a single narrative – just be sure to address each question somewhere in your response
Apply specific concepts from the text and relevant facts from the readings to support your analysis
Focus on the “so what?”. Pick a point of view, advocate for it using course concepts and relevant facts, and drive your argument all the way through to an appropriate conclusion

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Re-state lengthy definitions from the textbook. Your responses should focus on what course concepts tell us about the topic at hand, not simply on defining those course concepts
Rely too much on your own personal experience. While you’ll choose the topics for some of our article reviews and others will involve businesses you may be very familiar with, remember to analyze the broader business environment and don’t dive too deeply into anecdotes which may not be representative or relevant to the analysis at hand
Use 20 words to say what could have been said in 5 or 10. Business leaders everywhere struggle to find the right balance between making clear and compelling points while not boring, confusing, or intimidating their audience by being too verbose. Some folks never get there, and it holds them back. Spend some time reviewing your response and asking if you are making your points as concisely as possible, and understand that a well-argued 300-word response will score higher than a rambling 700-word response every time.
Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats (or SWOT) analysis. No, it’s not the perfect framework for all purposes but, yes, many of you entering the business world will be asked to complete one at some point early on in your career.
Rather than read articles, I’d like you to review a few Web sites this week and use what particular firms tell their customers and prospects to determine as much as you can about their underlying strategy.

The focus of our analysis this week will be YETI Coolers, which you can find at

As you will see this firm started out building ice chests in 2006, and has been aggressively expanding and growing ever since.

Please provide 300 words or so of polished, specific, well-supported text to address the following:

1. Spend some time reviewing YETI’s Web site (including the text directly under their logo, their various products and the pages on “Stories”, “Our Story”, etc.). What STRENGTHS does YETI appear to compete based on, and how are they trying to use these strengths to appeal to customers? HINT: The answer involves more than just keeping ice colder for longer…

2. What OPPORTUNITIES is YETI trying to capture, and what actions does it appear to be taking to capture them?

3. Now visit and briefly review two other Web sites:

a. Go to and perform a quick search of “ice chests and coolers”
b. Foreverlast at including the “About Us” section

After reviewing these sites, what THREATS do you believe YETI faces and what WEAKNESSES will they likely need to overcome to continue to grow and succeed?

4. What should YETI do next to continue to remain competitive and grow?

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