SWOT Analysis of the Portland Trail Blazers

SWOT Analysis of the Portland Trail Blazers

The Portland Trail Blazers organization is a sports entertainment company dedicated to not only winning NBA Championships, growing new basketball consumers, providing superior entertainment, value and service to the people but making a real difference outside the basketball arena in the local and regional communities.

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The Trail Blazers work outside the arena to make a difference in the local and regional communities by effectively serving people in need. The Trail Blazers enrich the lives of all of the people associated with the Trail Blazers brand as we thrive to diverse opportunities and contributions through charitable donations, solid ethnics and morals within the employment hiring’s and extreme respect for all that are part of this organization.

On and off of the court, we aim to achieve our mission by working hard to emphasize our core values: community, diversity, excellence, transparency, revolutionary and humility.
Vision Statement
To achieve excellence on and off the basketball court, the Portland Trail Blazers have five unique pillars that help establish a clear and precise vision that helps achieve the Trail Blazers mission statement. The Trail Blazers five pillars are: People, Partners, Profit, Potential and Planet.
People. The Trail Blazers are about diversity. Having a diverse and culturally different background of consumers, which helps build a product that has many voices and ideas.
Partners. The Trail Blazers carefully select who is attached with our brand and whom is included as “Official of the Portland Trail Blazers”. Trail Blazers partners and sponsors must display similar values as their mission statements, vision statements, work histories must align with what the T…… ..

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