SWOT Analysis of Lucozade

SWOT Analysis of Lucozade

Lucozade has successfully built a positive image by showing itself as an energy drink provider. Our packaging is eye catching and is value for money to our customers. Luco’zade has successfully built an image presenting itself as a drink full of energy and is appealing to people who do physical sports. To build this image Lucozade used well known sports celebrities and celebrities such as Michael Owen and Lara Croft to promote Lucozade (Luco’zade, 2010). This has increased market share of Lu’cozade products. In addition this allowed Lucozade to be seen as a drink for active people. In other words the underlying message to customers is that if they want to be successful in sports or remain active in life they need to drink Lucozade.

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On request from managing director this report will examine the strengths and weaknesses of Lucozade soft drinks using SWOT analysis and than set marketing objectives to counter the growing market competition from rival competitors. The report will also highlight any constraints in achieving the identified marketing objectives.
SWOT Analysis of Luc’ozade

SWOT Analysis of Luc’ozade identified the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. The analysis helps to uncover opportunities that can be taken advantage of and overcome the weaknesses to make L’ucozade successful as a business.


Branding – L’ucozade is one of the most recognized energy drink brand of the world. The strength of Lucozad’e brand is evident in its ……

…is has the constraints of requiring huge amount of funds and abiding by the regulations of host countries. This makes it risky as there is always a potential of unexpected change of market condition and regulation regarding soft drinks in developing economies.

Lobbying Westminster Mps – lobbying of MPs may not succeed in getting the desired legislation being passed as law in the parliament.

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