Supply Chain Process for Product-Based Organizations

Supply Chain Process for Product-Based Organizations

Select three different product-based firms and answer these questions regarding your selections:

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  1. Explain and discuss each organization’s supply chain management.
  2. Explain and discuss how each firm handles safety stock.
  3. Explain and discuss how each firm handles forecast for planning production.
  4. Explain and discuss supply chain issues for each firm.
  5. Explain and discuss product quality control for each firm.
  6. Explain and discuss outsourcing for each firm.
  7. Explain and discuss selection of suppliers and monitoring of the supply chain for each firm.
  8. Explain and discuss the international arena for purchasing for each firm.
  9. Explain and discuss how the following meansures function for each firm: inventory control, scheduling, demand systems, and inventory.

    *Provide a comparison for each of the nine questions, which should include your observations where improvements can be achieved.


  • Your essay will require an organizational structure that includes the introduction section, conclusion section, individual sections that address each of questions noted above, and a comparison section of each of the questions noted above.
  • Write a paper 8- to 10-pages in length (page count doesn’t include the required title and reference pages).
  • Your paper must be properly cited and formatted according to the APA Requirements.
  • You must support your analysis with at least five scholarly references.

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