Strategic Control and Continuous Improvement

Strategic Control and Continuous Improvement
Strategic control is concerned with tracking a strategy as it is being implemented,
detecting problems or changes it its underlying premises, and making necessary
adjustments. In contrast to post-action control, strategic control seeks to guide action
on behalf of the generic and grand strategies as they are taking place and when the
end results are still several years away. The rapid, accelerating change of the global
marketplace of the last 10 years has made continuous improvement another aspect of
strategic control.
As it has been mentioned earlier, you are expected to use all or a number of
components towards synthesizing a Strategic Management Process for their new
venture. Each component is a central theme in different chapters of their core
textbook. At the same time, students are expected to present a one-page analysis of
their financial highlights, illustrating expected money inflow/outflow for a year.

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