Staffing Case Study Company The Stars Hollow Hat

Staffing Case Study
The Stars Hollow Hat Company was founded in 2005. The company embroiders
and sells hats to clients consisting of athletic organizations and other companies
who want to give their employees hats with their company logo.
Community Profile
In 2007 the City of Stars Hollow had a population of 1,500 and County Milky
Way, of which Stars Hollow City is the County Seat, had a population of 5,000.
Given current trends, the City is expected to achieve a population of 2,300 by the
year 2010. The projected increase was due to a large population of Mexican
immigrants moving into the area. The 2007 census indicated that 23% of the
population was of Mexican decent. Stars Hollow City is located on the South
West region of Wisconsin. Agriculture is the primary industry and a major
component in the economy of the Stars Hollow City and the North East region.
Current Situation
It is now February 2007 and the business is very successful. The customer base
has grown substantially and there is a need for more staff. The owner has asked
the Customer Service Supervisor to hire a few more customer service
representatives (CSRs). She thinks there is probably more need in customer
service since the over-time pay has increased 20% in the past 3 months. The
owner mentioned that there was a job analysis completed for the CSR job (see
Appendix A), which she thought would be helpful to develop some interview
The Supervisor, who was just recently promoted to the position (she had been a
CSR since the company began in 2005), was excited to hear the owner was
willing to add more staff. She told her current staff that there would be more job
openings, and asked them for referrals. Three referrals came in immediately.
The Supervisor called two of the three people and asked them to come in for
interviews. The referral who wasn’t chosen was the son of a CSR who was
Mexican. While this CSR did a good job, she did have an accent and the
supervisor thought that she was hard to understand at times. Therefore, she
thought the CSRs son probably had an accent too, and was probably not a good
choice. In the mean time, the Supervisor also placed an advertisement in both
local papers and also on the job board at the county workforce center. The
advertisement read:
Stars Hollow Hat Company
Customer Service Reps Wanted
Stop by for an interview
The supervisor came to work the Monday after the advertisements were run in
the papers and on the job board. There were 45 people standing in the lobby
waiting to talk with her about the job. Further, there were 36 voice mails from
people who were interested in the job, but they didn’t know where to find the
company. The supervisor grabbed a cup of coffee and asked who was there
first. She said she could talk with 15 people that day, and the rest would need to
come back another time. She looked…………………………………

Staffing Case Study

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Staffing Case Study

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