Science And Technology – Assignment – Week 2

Science And Technology – Assignment – Week 2
Conduct research on a governmental or nongovernmental program to identify a scientific-technological advance that is meant to improve the lives of people living in developing countries. Examples of such an advance include a vaccine or a sanitation project. In your paper, address the followin Apply the definitions of science and technology you have gleaned from the course readings and apply these to the advance you have selected. Explain how the advance embodies these definitions of science and technology. That is, how is the item considered science? How is it considered technology? How is it an integration of the two? Discuss the implementation of your chosen scientific-technological advance by answering the following. a. By whom was it implemented? b. For whom was it implemented? c. For what purpose was it implemented? d. How was it implemented? e. What was the cost of implementation, and to whom? f. What were the obstacles of implementation? g. What, if any, were the special considerations of implementation? Evaluate the following types of effects from the implementation on the target population. a. Ethical effects b. Effects on social interactions and relationships c. Economic effects Consider what might be the consequences of having access to a technology (or science) without having the foundational understanding of its creation. Was this addressed in your chosen scientific-technological advance and how? Given your understanding of the impact of this technology as currently used, how would you improve the technology or implementation? Explain and justify your response. Support your response with scholarly sources and academic journal articles

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