Research State Laws

Research State Laws

Research State Laws

Start writing your introduction (1-2 paragraphs). An effective introduction prepares the reader by identifying the purpose of the paper and providing the organization of the paper.  Please double-space and remember to indent all paragraphs throughout your paper (not block form!). Aim to keep your writing objective using 3rd person (see handout in the Discussion board).  Unless required for the specific assignment, please do not include a Table of Contents, as it is not APA style.  Review paper guidelines on page requirements and number of sources required (if provided.)   Unless citing a classic work, aim to cite research articles and texts published within the past 5 years.    Please use headings throughout your paper that are consistent with the paper’s scoring guide (that way you ensure you are adequately addressing all required areas.)

When you finish writing your paper, re-read it to check for errors and make sure your ideas flow well.  A helpful tip is to read your paper aloud to yourself.  If it does not sound right to your ear – it is not working on paper!

Strategies to Research State Laws

Review the evaluation categories in the scoring guide to ensure you are addressing the ‘Distinguished’ category for all sections of your paper.  This section should address the first criteria, “Implements specific strategies to research current state laws that regulate and impact credentialing, certification, and licensing of counseling professionals and provides examples to illustrate these strategies.”.  Invest more energy describing how to locate and monitor relevant laws and regulations in your state. Explain the relevance of the laws along with a brief summary.  An exhaustive discussion is not required as the assignment is only intended to be approximately 3 pages and this is only one section.  Devoting about one page to this section can adequately cover this if you write succinctly.  Include citations for the relevant laws/regulations and a scholarly source to support your strategy.

Impact of State Laws

This section builds upon the first. You’ve established the nature of the licensure/credentialing process in your state.  How do the laws/regulations impact the counselor seeking licensure? The relevant criteria are the second and third in the Scoring Guide, “Articulates how specific state laws regulate credentialing, certification, and licensing of counseling professionals and provides examples to illustrate how the laws impact these licensing processes with the support of scholarly literature.”  Notice that it is asking “how” and not “what”. Avoid lengthy quotations of the law so you describe the impact in your own words with support from a scholarly source.  A single well written page can be sufficient.

Strategies to Remain Current

This third section addresses the last item on the scoring guide, “Implements specific strategies to remain current of all revisions and amendments to state laws that regulate and impact credentialing, certification, and licensing of counseling professionals and provides examples to illustrate these strategies with the support of scholarly literature.” Strategies to maintain your knowledge of the laws in your state in general were included in u03a1.  Similar strategies will likely apply here.  Discuss why remaining current matters as part of your strategy.  Use a scholarly source to support your discussion.  This section can be covered in a well written paragraph or two.


Please provide a conclusion that summarizes the main ideas of your paper.   Note that the instructions include, “Your reference list must include APA-approved links to state resources, and at least two peer-reviewed sources. You must use APA sixth edition style to list your references. Refer to the iGuide page APA Style and Format for more information”.

Avoid these errors

  • indenting
  • use of upper and lower case
  • italics
  • use of double-spacing
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