Reflect how organizations cost-effectiveness can be influenced by SCM

Reflect how organizations cost-effectiveness can be influenced by SCM


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Instructions for assignments 1 and 2

It is important that you have both theory and practice in your assignments; theory to be addressed first, and then combine practice with the theory.

The theory is first half of the points – the other half generates from the practical application. If there is no theory included in the assignment at all, it will be automatically rejected. Your own reflection and integration of the theory with practice has the biggest value in evaluation.

The required length of the assignment is 8 pages text ( including the cover page, table of contents and the reference list).


Assignment 1

Customers’ high awareness with their demands of e.g. better quality and service & lower costs is one example of the causes related to logistics improvement pressure.

Reflect how organizations cost-effectiveness can be influenced by SCM.

Select the organization for which you will do the following discussions:

  • Describe the order-to-delivery process with its partners in the organization.
  • How the parties in the supply chain are able to share the up-to-date information about the market demand, develop the quality of operations and improve profitability with each other?
  • By what means the bottlenecks and delays that cause interruptions in the supply chain can be detected?
  • How the organization is able to improve the customer service via supply chain development?
  • How to improve customer service?
  • Where in the supply chain the added value to the customer is?

From the competitive advantage point of view what kind of supply chain management would be the best in this organization?


Assignment 2

Reflect the importance of the latest logistic trends in the logistics business and service activities, as well as in the business development and management. Take advantage of the reflections of  the articles and company examples.

What are the emerging trends in logistics today?

Reflect how the bullwhip – effect shows in your organization? Explain briefly.

What kind of energy efficiency and sustainability solutions could be utilized in the supply chain in your organization?

Evaluate the capability and flexibility of the supply chain to absorb new products and / or services in your organization?

How easily information flows within the organization´s supply chain? (Upstream and downstream)

What kind of models and tools are used in your organization, and how they support the action. Evaluate the effectiveness of the tools in the organization. Give development suggestions.


Return assignments

Latest required return date for the course assignments is on 9th October. One month is reserved to the evaluating process. The evaluations are completed by the 9th of November.


Study materials

Chopra, Sunil; Meindl, Peter, Supply Chain Management – Strategy, Planning, and Operation. 4th ed. Upper Saddle River, Pearson/Prentice Hall 2010.

Lyson, Farrington. Purchasing and Supply Chain Management. Seventh edition. Harlow. Pearson Education Limited. 2006.

Article: The Bullwhip effect

Different publication in Ministry of Transport and Communications, TEKES etc.

Professional journals you can read through the e-library, for example:

International Journal of Physical Distribution & Logistics Management

The International Journal of Logistics Management

The Journal of Supply Chain Management

Journal of Business Logistics

Havard Business Review


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