Proactive Community Policing custom essay

Proactive Community Policing

The findings from criminal justice research help us to understand how theories and concepts can be applied to real-world

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phenomena. One way to make such applications is to review research which explores one or more key concepts

discussed in this unit.

For this article review, you will need to locate a scholarly, peer-reviewed article in the CSU Online Library that examines

the use of the Scanning, Analysis, Response, Assessment (SARA) Model in various forms of law enforcement. Keep in

mind that the article you locate does not have to use the term SARA, but instead may describe techniques associated with

the model. Thus, you may need to read several article abstracts before you are able to identify the article that you will use

for this article review. The article you use for this assignment should be no more than 10 years old.

Note: When using the CSU Online Library, there are various databases that allow you to check a box, which indicates that

you only want “peer-reviewed” sources. You will need to make sure that you check this box to ensure that the sources you

identify for your article review are scholarly, peer-reviewed sources.

The article review will need to include the following components:

BCJ 4101, Police and Community Relations 4

 a brief discussion of the research study’s focus (e.g., purpose for conducting research, research questions and/or

hypotheses, methodology);

 a brief summarization of the research study’s key findings (e.g., hypotheses were or were not supported;

additional research is needed in a specific area); and

 a brief discussion of the applicability of the research study’s key findings to current and future practices in the field

of criminal justice. You may use your direct experience, information from the textbook, and/or information from

additional sources to complete this component of the article review.

Each section of your article review must be clearly labeled using the following section headings:

 Research Focus,

 Research Findings, and

 Research Applications.

Note: Each component of the article review should be your own words. No more than 20% of your article review should be

a direct quote. Thus, you will need to read the article and rewrite the study’s focus (component 1) and key findings

(component 2) in your own words. You will have to use your intellectual creativity to brainstorm how the study’s key

findings can be applied to practices in the field of criminal justice (component 3). Therefore, there should be very little

need to use direct quotes in your article review.

Your article review should be a minimum of one double-spaced page. Be sure to cite, in APA format, any source used to

influence your response. Therefore, your reference list should at least include a citation of the article you used to prepare

the article review

Proactive Community Policing

Proactive Community Policing

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