Police Station with emergency call box /booking desk and prisoner holding area

Police Station with emergency call box /booking desk and prisoner holding area

You will have following parts:

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P = pegs
SP=Single Pegs
16P=1 12P= 2 FLAT 6P=1 2P=2 Grey FLAT 40P=1
8P= 5 8P= 4 FLAT4P =2 4P=3 Black door = 1
6P =9 6P= 5 2p= 4 Slant 2p=1 Yellow door frame =1
4P= 10 4P= 9 1P= 4 Yellow window=1
2P= 8 2P=9 Red window frame=1
1P=8 1P= 6 Green base board =1
Barrel shaped =2
“T’ shaped =
Ramp shaped /2P= 1
1. Lay green base board flat with pegs upward.
2. Place 16P BLUE Lego nine pegs back on the green base board
3. Make a straight line using one 8P, one 4P and two 1P.
4. Your line should be split the middle of the base board
1. On the right side, make a 90 angle with the base of station using a BLUE 8 SP Lego.
2. Place the following in order: BLUE 6P, BLUE 1P
3. Skip 2 Green pegs on the green base board
4. Place one BLUE 6 SP and one BLUE 1 SP Lego.
5. On the corner start with BLUE 6 SP Lego and one 2 SP Lego
6. Place a WHITE 1 SP Lego on every other blue peg of the border
7. Stack three BLUE 1 SP Lego together –do this two times
8. Place a WHITE barrel Shaped Lego on top of each stack
9. Place these on the edges of the entrance to make a light post-see illustration
10. Attaché 1 SP BLACK Lego to each end of the FLAT 4 SP Lego to create the bench
11. Place the bench 4 green pegs back from the front of model parallel to side walls.
Right side/ with call box: 1-5
Left side /with window: 6-8
1. Start with a WHITE 8P Lego as seen
2. For call box place two 2 SP RED lego’s on top of white Lego
3. On each side fill in with 2 SP BLUE lego’s
4. Continue this pattern for one more layer
5. Alternate BLUE and WHITE again for top two layers.
6. Alternate WHITE and BLUE
8. Add door and door frame next to window.
1. Grey 40P Lego
2. Alternate RED and BLUE 4P Logos on top
3. Add WHITE RAMP 1P Lego to center
4. Attach “T” shaped Lego onto it for camera as shown
5. Add additional BLUE pieces to top of FRONT (shown on right)

Using the following, alternate BLUE and WHITE to create the model in picture RIGHT SIDE:

Use the following alternating blue and white to create the model in the picture for LEFT SIDE:

Combine all parts together using these instructions and illustrations before completing inside
1. Attach WHITE 1P to each end of the WHITE 4 SP Lego
2. Place this WHITE bench on the first green peg, one peg from the left of the rear wall as shown
3. Booking desk: stack two 2 P lego’s on top of each other
4. Place FLAT BLACK 4P and 6P on top
5. Place the desk four green pegs from the right sided wall as shown below.

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