Persuading others to learn outside of the typical classroom

Persuading others to learn outside of the typical classroom.


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In this paper, you will attempt to convince your reader that they should gain one particular kind of real life experience in order to understand their book lessons better. You will be persuading other students that experiential learning is worthwhile by using both personal anecdotes as well as data from research.  Clear and personal examples of your own success in one specific form of life experience is a must.


Use a past experience that you feel has taught you life lessons to persuade others to get out of the classroom in order to learn.  Imagine that you have met a group of students who believe that reading books at home or studying in the classroom alone is the way to succeed academically. You have heard that many of them doubt the advantages of studying abroad, of travel, of community volunteering or any other great learning experience you’ve had. Your paper should reveal yourself as a global citizen, expand on your own ideas regarding the advantages of getting out of the classroom and into the world.  You should generally try to convince other students to follow in your footsteps.


The paper should be 5 pages minimum in length, have a clear introductory paragraph, comprehensive thesis statement, include both scholarly data and personal narrative to support each advantage, and a persuasive conclusion. All data should be cited properly using APA citation style.


This should not be a comparison/ contrast paper. Your essay should not be an informal personal letter to other students, but an example of the American formal academic essay style.  Remember to keep the persuasive focus by expanding on the benefits of your chosen experience.




Times New Roman

12 point font

1 inch margins

0.5 inch indents

No space between paragraphs


For more information on APAFormatting, go to:


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