PAD 540 Week 5 Discussion

PAD 540 Week 5 Discussion
“Non-Governmental Actors” Please respond to the following:

Government has come to rely on for profit and nonprofit organizations for the delivery of goods and services. The challenges in an every changing world have strained the capacity of governments to deliver meaningful global policies. Globalization is an opportunity to learn from other political systems. International non-governmental organizations (IGNO) play an increasingly important role in international development. INGOs are organized actors and serve as a funnel for policy and development from the states, individual donors, and bilateral aid agencies. INGOs form a distinct third sector separate from business and governments (Scott-Martinet, K, 2006).

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• Describe a recent disaster and recall the amount of aid that came from IGNOs. Provide your opinion on the predominant methods that IGNOs have used to penetrate or dominate international decision-making. Suggest what is needed for IGNOs continual influence in the process of global governance.

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