how to optimize the use of social media for green marketing campaigns in the oil and gas industry in the uae

how to optimize the use of social media for green marketing campaigns in the oil and gas industry in the uae

  • For the first page just keep chapter 3 research methodology and remove the rest
  • Do not use he or she (better use the third person)
  • In page one: for the interviews there will be no small groups, either one to one or sending the questions by mail.
  • The survey is qualitative yes but it could be 100 or a little bit more it is not a fixed number.
  • Surveys are conducted by asking the selected group of 100 respondents about their opinions regarding the use of social media in green marketing campaigns of oil and gas industry operating in the UAE (Driscoll 2011).I do not understand what the reference stands for here. It is my choice of choosing this panel.
  • Please note again that for the interview it will be 4/6 managers and the survey between 100/120
  • on page 5 and 6, please mention that I will use the analytics software SPSS to analyze the data. And please If you think that the formula could be a problem for me later remove it from now.


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I also asked for the full designed survey and the the full questions for the interview to be attached.

Please note that I do not want only yes or no question. You can use scales (totally agree to strongly disagree, 1 to 5)

As mentioned in the recorded the supervisor wants the explanations of every group of questions, example: age sex and profession= to get an idea about the sample. Hope It is clear


And please when you turn it in the paper include the references it is imperative.


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