OL 600 Milestone Two Guidelines and Rubric

OL 600 Milestone Two
For your final project, you will analyze the WeaveTech: High Performance Change case study in order to develop a proposal. You will have to consider the
important aspects of the company within the case study when formulating the proposal. When developing your proposal, make sure that all elements align with
the mission, vision, and goals of the organization. Be sure to support your proposal with appropriate scholarly sources.
For Milestone Two, you will develop a draft of a performance management system and total rewards plan for WeaveTech. You must consider individual employee
and organizational needs as well as federal laws and regulations in the development of your performance management plan. In addition to the performance
management plan, you will devise a total rewards system and compensation and benefit strategies that are appropriate for the organization. At this point, you
should be considering the implementation of self-service technologies at WeaveTech and preparing a message to stakeholders on issues regarding self-service
technologies as they relate to benefit programs.
Your submission should contain all of the elements for Section II of your final product, including all of those listed below. Your instructor will grade your
submission using the rubric below and will provide feedback to be applied to the final project.
Begin by using the following guiding questions for your analysis. Then, once your analysis has been completed, draft a performance management system and
total rewards plan that thoroughly covers each of the critical elements listed in A through F below the guiding questions.
1. Based on the data presented in Exhibit 5 in the WeaveTech case study, what are some of the potential flaws with the performance management system at
2. How would you change the performance management system to enhance the organization’s strategy, mission, and support for employees?
3. How can the performance management system best enable the workforce to meet individual and organizational goals?
4. What performance appraisal methods could be applicable to this organization?
5. What are some of the legal and regulatory issues to consider in regard to the performance management methods?
6. How can WeaveTech use its total rewards programs to encourage proper behavior and reward employees?
7. How can self-service technologies be used by WeaveTech to communicate to stakeholders and enhance the strategic focus of human resources?
Specifically, the following critical elements must be addressed:

Performance Management Systems and Total Rewards: In this part of the assessment, you will develop a performance management system and total
rewards plan for this organization.
A. Develop a performance management system designed to enhance the organization’s strategic mission of quality support for employees.
B. Evaluate how your developed performance management system complies with federal laws and regulations. In other words, are there any
concerns about compliance issues?
C. Evaluate how your developed performance management system enables the workforce of the company to meet individual and organizational
needs now and in the future.

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D. Determine appropriate performance appraisal methods that could be applicable to this organization. In other words, what method do you
propose, how does it relate to compensation, and so on.
E. Develop a total reward system that encourages proper behavior and rewards appropriate employees.
F. Develop compensation and benefit strategies to include job evaluation strategies, pay programs (variable or merit), and benefit programs.
Explain how you would communicate to appropriate stakeholders issues regarding self-service technologies as they relates to benefit programs.
In other words, how would you write a memorandum or other appropriate message to stakeholders on issues regarding self-service technologies
as it relates to benefit programs?

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