OL 211 – Human Resource Management

OL 211 – Human Resource Management

OL 211 – Human Resource Management – Milestone 3 Human resource management refers to the function of the organization that has been designed to maximize the performance of the employees in the service of the employers’ strategic plan. Its most basic mandate is to manage people within the organization focusing on the laid down policies and systems.

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The relationship the employee and the organization are crucial in determining the success of the organization and steering it towards achieving its objectives. It should be properly utilized and should help individuals align their career planning, help groups’ initiate and manage changes, and training and development.

Performance management refers to those activities that ensure that the goals of the organization are realized in an efficient and effective manner.

It more specifically focuses on the performance of the organization, departments, individual employee and also product or services. It has overall effect in improving productivity of the company, personal employee growth and effective time management for optimum productivity results. A combination of performance appraisal techniques is vital in an organization.

This is in regard to evaluating employee to retain or which to hire for the business. Performance appraisals also help organizations and their members to measure their performance.

This is focused on developing and implementing a process that will help the organization to maximize its productivity, effectiveness and efficiency of the whole firm and its memb

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