Nursing NR- 505 Advanced Research Method- Evidenced Based Practice

Nursing NR- 505 Advanced Research Method- Evidenced Based Practice

paper in APA format with proper citation, reference, doi number, please check for grammar and spelling
Chamberlain College of Nursing NR- 505 Advanced Research Method- Evidenced Based Practice
Descriptive statistics is a summary analysis of information that tends to help and explains why certain things just have to happen. However, the descriptive analysis
does not provide detailed views regarding information of the data discovery. Therefore, descriptive statistics gives a presentation of data enabling proper
visualization to current events that are happening in the surrounding. Also, descriptive statistic mainly explains in depth what is evident from the data. The analysis
in descriptive format provides an accurate quantitative form, which helps in managing what people think, and checks whether it is correct (Ott & Longnecker, 2010,
p.76). Therefore, it is important to do a descriptive statistic since it sheds light to a large sum of data by making it simple to understand.
The Measure of Descriptive Statistics
An excellent example of descriptive statistic is by measuring subject marks of a student and coming up with an average of grade A. Grade A, therefore, is a simple
summary to show the student has passed his or her exams. However, the descriptive analysis does not show the strength of the data collected, as in the case of the
student it does not tell which subjects were hard or simple for him during the examination. Nevertheless, it still gives a proper summary analysis comparing each
entity and unity with what he or she got as the result.
PICO (T) search on bicycle safety
A research question is about helmet use versus no helmet use among cyclists.
P- Helmet use among cyclist
I-Instruction regarding helmet use and prevention of injuries
C-No helmet use leads to injuries
O-Safety/ Improved helmet use among cyclists
T-Provide proper instruction over one year
Research on Bicycle Safety
In recent studies on bicycle safety, it mainly explains the purpose of wearing a helmet especially for kids in the society while riding a bike. Helmets act a
protective measure to people because it prevents head injuries if he or she falls off the bike (Sacks, & Canadian Pediatric Society, 2009, p.170). In the society,
there has been an increase of bad head injuries by 40 percent due to lack of wearing a helmet.
Article Identity of Descriptive Statistics and Minorities Study
In the bicycle helmet article in Canada, it mainly explains the type of environmental conditions of a community. Health issues is a major concern for people and safety
is prior since it creates a way for people to live without fear. Therefore, descriptive analysis shows that children and youth engage in bicycle riding activities.
Moreover, it implies that a head injury occurrence increase by 4 percent in recent years as per Canadian statistics (Acton, 2012, p.134). These have led to a
significant number of kids hospitalized due to severe cases of head injuries. However, with the use of helmets, it reduces the margin of acute body injuries.
Minorities in the study are that it does not reveal the gender of individuals who fall victim to such cases. Therefore, the article does not precisely explain if it is
male or female.
The importance of Descriptive Data Research,
Descriptive data helps a lot through different types of analysis, which include an excellent distribution and proper estimate with an apparent tendency of data.
Distribution analysis explains and gives a summary of individuals affected by the problem, in this case, being a victim to such situations. The numbers, therefore,
allow a clear indication and provides proper estimates by doing the total average of finding out the mean, mode, and median of people who wear helmets. The criteria
thus provide individuals with a chance to prevent such cases that may affect their lives.

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Summerville officials hear about what you are doing in Ironridge. They also want your help, but they would like to focus on the safety of their children, especially on
bicycle safety.
Inferential Statistics (graded)
Describe the inferential tests that were used in the article that you used in the first discussion (in other words, t-tests and chi-squares). Given the p-values
related to the tests, how do you interpret the results? Are statistically significant findings also clinically significant? What are the recommendations based on this
paper? Share some alternate explanations (mediating or intervening variables) for the results of the study. If your chosen study does not contact inferential tests,
then choose a different article that does contain inferential tests so you can participate in the discussion.
Melnyk, B. M., & Fineout-Overholt, E. (2015). Evidence-based practice in nursing and healthcare: A guide to best practice (3rd ed.). Retrieved from
•Chapter 5: Critically Appraising Quantitative Evidence For Clinical Decision Making
•Chapter 6: Critically Appraising Qualitative Evidence For Clinical Decision Making
•Chapter 19: Generating Evidence Through Quantitative Research
•Chapter 20: Generating Evidence Through Qualitative Research
Peake, R. W. (2013). Significance for the sake of significance: The relevance of statistical data. Clinical Chemistry, 59, 1002
Melnyk, B. M., & Fineout-Overholt, E. (2011). Evidence-based practice in nursing and healthcare: A guide to best practice (2nd ed.). Philadelphia, PA: Wolters
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Page or paragraph numbers must be included with quotes per APA. See APA re how to format references and in-text citations i.e. capitalization issues and use of the
ampersand versus the word (“and”).
Including at least one in-text citation and matching reference.
Check for grammar and spellings

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