Nicholas Carrs essays, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”and “The Great Forgetting”


Nicholas Carrs essays, “Is Google Making Us Stupid?”and “The Great Forgetting”

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 Complicate your draft through revision and further reading: now that you’ve read a second article by the same author, what do you think of Carr’s position? Has his focus or emphasis changed? Where do you stand?


The final paper should reveal substantial engagement with both articles. Try to integrate some of the new material rather than just tack it on at the end.  It’s ok to try and do two things at once; you may find yourself deepening a body paragraph or two by also referencing the newer article.


You might also do a Google search on Nicholas Carr and see if there’s any information out there that you’d like to incorporate into your final paper.  Often it’s very satisfying for a reader to have a solid introduction to a person.  You could mention some aspect Carr’s background or recent work as a means of identifying his ethos (his expertise or credibility).  No need to cite that type of easily available information.



Use MLA style in-text citations for your discussion.  Visit Purdue University’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) for examples:


At the end of your paper, include aWorks Cited page.  See this page for a visual example of the “hanging indent” format and to remember to alphabetize if you use more than one source:


For this draft, your Works Cited page will have two entries.

Both of Carr’s essays can be cited as an ‘An Article in a WebMagazine’:




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