MBA685 – Strategic Management ASSIGNMENT 1 BRIEF

MBA685 – Strategic Management
Develop a Strategic Business Plan for a New Venture
Start-up companies are more important in bringing products and services to market. In
response to new technology, new and innovative businesses are taking over the
markets of those older companies too slow to move with changing customer demands.
Following this line of thought, for this task you are an administrative officer at the
corporate level of an offshore organization and, you are assigned to develop a
strategic business plan for a new venture in a sector of your choice. This Strategic
Management Process should contain whatever is necessary to start-up a company
from scratch, including the new company’s philosophy, mission, objectives, strategies
and tactics, CSR, an analysis of the firm’s internal and external environment,
organizational structure, leadership and, an one-page financial report justifying the
firm’s survival for at least a year. You should justify your choices in terms of the
chosen industry/sector on the grounds of innovation, competitive advantage and,
company’s sustained growth and survival. Your budged is £150,000 (BP).
Assignment Specifics:
For the assignment’s requirements, if necessary contact local authorities for
licensing and/ or legal issues.
Your report should be grounded in relevant theory – use the core and
recommended reading – at the same time you should consider exploring a
new/ innovative idea/venture.
Reference all sources appropriately, using the Harvard Referencing
The word count of your report is 5000 words (-/+10%).
The assignment counts 50% against your final grade.

MBA685 – Strategic Management

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MBA685 – Strategic Management

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