In many instances where a person has committed a felony with a gun, once convicted,

In many instances where a person has committed a felony with a gun, once convicted, the person loses their right to own a firearm. Make a written argument for or against prohibiting access to the Internet by a person convicted of a felony who used the Internet to select and victimize another person.

Please remember that your written assignments should reflect graduate level work. A few of you might lose some points regarding very simple grammatical errors. A few examples include:

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1. Do not use contractions.

2. Indent your paragraphs.

3. Do not cite Wikipedia, dictionaries or encyclopedias.

4. Website citations must be APA formatted.

5. Cite more peer reviewed journal articles (at least three); newspaper articles or magazine articles are not scholarly publications; they are acceptable to cite but must be outnumbered by scholarly literature. Do not cite the textbook.

6. Write in third person.

7. Cite page numbers for quotes from journals; paragraph numbers for quotes of web articles.

I’ve also noticed that some students cite journals as websites from search engines like EBSCO:

Martin, R. (2011). Police corruption an analytical look into police ethics. Retrieved from

This is not correct. Each journal citation MUST include all of the identifying information – like so:

Martin, R. (2011). An Analytical Look into Police Ethics. FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin, 80(5), 11-17.

Nail these things down and many of you are looking perfect papers.

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