Managing Security in the Workplace essay

Managing Security in the Workplace

For this assignmrnt you are required to identify one workplace crime that affects an organisation you are familiar with, possibly your current or previous employer, to discuss a particular approach or measure that can be used used to manage this crime, and to justify why it should be used. As such you need to convince the reader why your approach/measure is most appropriate. In order to do so you will need to draw on the module material but you are also encouraged to reflect upon your own experience or ideas and support your thoughts with reference to other sources.

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Your post outlining the workplace crime, approach and justification should be at least 350 words. You will be assessed on the clarity and strength of your argument, whether you have supported your points with adequate evidence, and your skills in communication and persuasion. You will also be assessed on your ability to draw from course material, wider research and your own knowledge and/or experience so remember to reference the source of your ideas as you would with an essay

Managing Security in the Workplace

Managing Security in the Workplace

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