M9 Discount Plans Discussion/ Insurance Comparison Paper

M9 Discount Plans Discussion/Insurance Comparison Paper

Discount Plans Discussion/Insurance Comparison Name: Institution: Direct Reimbursement and How It Is Marketed By Organized Dentistry Direct reimbursement has emerged as a perfect alternative to contemporary dental insurance models.

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Although this form of payment for dental care has existed informally for a long time, it is slowly gaining support among employers nationwide as an effective alternative to the more common forms of dental insurance.

In addition, the patient is not limited in terms of the type or number of services that they can receive from the dental health care facilities or dentists. As such, the patient has the responsibility to pay for the services received and the dentist or dental care facility has no responsibility to any insurer in terms of the scope of services or limit on the frequency of services.

The patient and the dentist have the opportunity to agree on the treatment decisions and negotiate the cost of the services without involvement of the insurer or employer.

Upon treatment and payment of the dental care services, the patient or employee presents receipts to the employer for reimbursement of some expenses based on the reimbursement agreement or policy provided by the company or employer (Paul, 2001).

Organized dentistry market direct reimbursement system through provision of adequate information through state dental societies, direct marketing to employers and employees and distribution of dental service brochures. …………………………………………

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