LIT 515 Final Project Guidelines and Rubrics

LIT 515 Final Project Guidelines and Rubrics

The final project for this course is the creation of a research paper. The paper should propose an argument-based thesis. A minimum of eight scholarly and credible sources must be incorporated into the paper.Students have latitude in terms of topics and may opt to include outside readings,but readings covered in class must be present. For example, students can compare and contrast the thematic and symbolic elements found across different movements, focus on the analysis of a specific work or a specific author, or analyze different works of literature within a single movement. The final product should be an original work of scholarship and represent an authentic demonstration of competency because it requires students to synthesize areas of course content and apply those to a specific literary work, works, and major movements.The project is divided intofour milestones and the final paper, which will be submitted at various points throughout the course to scaffold learning and ensure quality final submissions. These milestones will be submitted in Modules Two, Four, Six, and Eight. The final paper will be submitted in Module Ten.

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The research paper helps students to meet the following course outcomes:

  1. Understand literal and figurative language (metaphor, irony, etc.) and analyze literary devices for meaning
  2. Recognize the relationship between literature and its historical contexts and cultural categories of race, class, gender, and orientation
  3. Recognize major American writers, works, and literary movements in the twentieth century
  4. Analyze literature in class discussion, quizzes, and short written essays
  5. Compose an essay that interprets texts within historical, biographical, and literary contexts and analyzes and incorporates secondary sources/ critics’ arguments
  6. Lead class discussion of an assigned literary work as well as independent reading, posing questions to enhance others’ understanding and insight


  1. Submit a topic proposal with a working thesis that must be approved by the instructor.
  2. Submit a research proposal that states a specific thesis, main areas of analysis that you will use to support that thesis, and research involved.
  3. Submit an annotated bibliography containing at least eight scholarly, credible sources in MLA format, with a 150-word annotation for each source. Annotations should demonstrate how each source will be used in the paper.
  4. Complete peer reviews of the research paper drafts submitted by peers.
  5. Submit a final research paper that includes the following:
  1. An original, argumentative thesis focused on the analysis of a work or works covered in class
  2. A strong and compelling introduction and conclusion
  3. Logical organization of ideas, including clear support and examples for all major points
  4. At least eight well-integrated scholarly resources, which may be either quoted or paraphrased, in addition to the primary text(s); may include any course texts as needed


Milestone One: Topic Proposal

Intask 2-2, you will submit a topic proposal for the research paper. In a clear, well-developed paragraph, state your working thesis, an indication of the scope of your argument, and primary text(s) you plan to research and why.This milestone will be graded using the Topic Proposal Rubric.

MilestoneTwo: Research Proposal

Intask 4-2, you will submit a research proposal. The proposal should be two to three pages in length. You should articulate the thesis, all major points to be used to support the thesis, and the research involved. This milestone will be graded using theResearch Proposal Rubric.

Milestone Three: Annotated Bibliography

In task 6-2, you will submit an annotated bibliography containingat least eight scholarly, credible sources that you plan to use for the final paper. Write a 150-word annotation for each source, explaining how you will use that source in the paper.This milestone will be graded using the Annotated Bibliography Rubric.

 Milestone Four:Peer Review of Rough Draft

In task 7-2, you will complete your rough draft of the research paper and post it to the 8-2 discussion forum for peer review in the next module.

Intask 8-2, you will critique the rough drafts submitted by two of your peers. You will be graded on your peer reviews. Your own draft will not be graded separately.This milestone will be graded using the Peer Review Rubric.

 Final Research Paper

In task 10-2, you will submit your final draft of the research paper for grading.It should be a complete, polished artifact containing all of the main elements of the final product.It should reflect the incorporation of feedback gained throughout the course, including the peer review. This milestone will be graded using the Final Paper Rubric.

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