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As you learned in the previous assignment, the ability to communicate effectively with co-workers through written documents is an especially important component of Technical Writing.  This next assignment builds upon and expands the previous lesson.



Carefully read the following chapters:

  • “Designing Visual Information”
  • “Designing Pages and Documents”
  • “Technical Definitions”
  • “Technical Descriptions, Specifications and Marketing Materials”
  • “Instructions and Procedures”


This assignment requires you to build something using precisely 100 Legos, Lincoln Logs, or other type of children’s blocks.  You can even use something as simple as a humble deck of playing cards for this assignment.


First, construct your object; second, provide written instructions that would enable another person to build what you have built.  Your assignment requires you to submit those written instructions.


In addition, you should include digital images to support the text.  Digital images enable the user to visualize the object he or she would be building.



For this assignment, you will need precisely 100 Legos, Lincoln Logs, or other type of children’s blocks.



IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use a model kit for this assignment. For example, don’t buy a theme-based Lego kid, such as something related to the movie franchise “Star Wars.”   ALL WORK MUST BE ORIGINAL.  So, begin with a humble set of Legos or blocks or playing cards.


This assignment requires you to build something using precisely 100 Legos, Lincoln Logs, or other type of children’s blocks.

First, construct your object.

Second, provide written instructions that would enable another person to build what you have built.  Include visuals:  MAKE YOUR TEXT AND YOUR IMAGES WORK TOGETHER!




Before you go any further, take a few minutes to examine the good and the bad examples that appear later in this document…

It’s helpful to orient readers by providing a visual of what the finished product will look like.  Include a picture on the document’s first page.  It’s always easier to build something when you can visualize the finished product.


Employ a useable format.  You can use bullets, numbers and other organizational devices to help orient readers.

Include a parts list early in the document.  This way, a user can identify and extract the materials he will need before he begins the assembly stage.

Define your terms.  If you use Legos, for example, what are you going to call those little bumps that enable the blocks to be joined?  Once you’ve settled on a term, make sure that you use it consistently.

Think of the times you might have been frustrated with poorly written and poorly designed instructions.  Ever try to assemble a piece of IKEA furniture?  Doing so can send you straight to the nut house.  Consider what made those poor instructions frustrating:

  • bad writing
  • no images—or really poor ones
  • lack of organization
  • having to flip and back and forth through the pages in order to match text and images.
  • Can you think of other factors that complicate a good set of instructions? If so, avoid those complications in this assignment.


Here’s what I’ll be looking for as I evaluate your work:

  • Good writing as defined by logic, precision and accuracy
  • A simple but usable design that makes sense and is easy to follow
  • Consistency
  • Images that enhance—not decorate—your assignment
  • I’ll be asking myself this: Could a 10-year-old child build this thing based on the quality of your instructions?


Don’t concern yourself with trying to build something really cool.  The coolness factor has no impact on your grade!  I’d rather see a good set of simple instructions for building a humble house.  Trying to build PNC Park—and write the instructions for it—would be a daunting task.


This assignment does not require memo formatting.  And there is no word limit this time.


IMPORTANT: Please be sure to study the rubric for this assignment.  It tells you precisely what I’m looking for when grading this work.


This is a challenging assignment, and you have two weeks to complete it.  Don’t wait until the last minute to begin!


Finally, I want to offer a writing tip that you should keep in mind for this and for future assignments:  Avoid using parenthesis.  Readers look for shortcuts.  And parenthesis signal to readers that their contents really aren’t all that important and can be skipped.  NEVER place important text inside parenthesis.


As always, please contact me if you have questions…Professor Ed


DEADLINE: September 30

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