Leadership Learning and Continuous Personal Development (LLCPD)

Leadership Learning and Continuous Personal Development (LLCPD)

Please refer to the uploaded attachments. My work is as a Manager in a banking inbound call centre. Plagiarism is less than 5% INCLUDING references, but not in whole sentences. The word count is 2500 +/- 10% excluding references. They are strict about word count and exceeding it can mean losing marks.

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. Career Trajectory to date
This can be represented as 1.Table or Graphs with years of progression in your career. Then explain on that
2. Where you intend to progress in the next five years- explain and be more creative. If you would like to include, then the part time MBA can be included for if it has played any purpose in the Aim of your future career.
3. Identify 5 skills/ Qualities
These skills qualities, characteristics can be taken from the class slides or on your own but supported by academic theories or
a. Pedler & Burgoyne (2011)
b.John Burgoyne & ROger Stuart
c.Check for Honey & Mumford
d.Check for Belbin Team roles
If you have not done this, then you need to fill up the questions in the relative slides and check for yourself.
Check for the skills/ qualities which you intend to develop over next 5 yrs.
These skills can be identified and explained.
Some other theory through which you have identified the skills you lack and it is very important for the career.

Question 2
Choose three specific skills out of the 5 (from Question 1) you considered to be vital to progress
These three skills you intend to go for formal learning methods or through non-formal learning methods. Check for the slides on the formal and informal learning methods.
Critically reflect on your LSP (Learning Style Preference) which you can understand only after filling up the Honey Mumford questionnaire and by learning Kolbs learning cycle.
How your LSP reflects on the impact of your future management practice.
Support it with academic theories on your learning style.
Three skills that you are going prioritise for the next 6 months- Describe the formal and informal learning methods you are going to adopt to develop these skills.
Stress on your LSP with more supporting evidences in your explanation

Question 3
Identify a Leaning for the Group in your organisation
Explain the basis on which you have identified them as priority
Now you can explain how you will design a programme of Leaning priority
Explain in detail- what will happen if the programme has been designed by who it would be conducted or achieved, when you intend to plan your career and how and why
Support with academic theories based on the slides.
Conclude how and why the designed programme will be evaluated
Your Belbin questionnaire or any other in the slides are hits for these questions.
You can use your own creativity.
For example use of Experimental learning theory as a team building exercises. In order to address this one you need to learn all the theories. otherwise it will be difficult to attempt the questions.
This whole Assignment question is directly from the chester. So need to be more cautious.
Pls tell the writer that the paper cannot be overly descriptive. It has to be specifically targeted at the requirements, please, thank you

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