Just Take Care of Your People

Just Take Care of Your People

This exercise is to examine the ethical values displayed in various organizations, and view such in light of Scripture, the course text, and scholarly research. For this assignment, write a 450–500-word paper that presents an analysis of the assigned case study from Hess & Cameron (more info is provided below under additional instructions). The paper must not summarize the article; instead, it will analyze that company’s values approach in light of Biblical truths and outside research. Support your assertions with at least three scholarly resources that have been published within the last 3 years, in addition to, the course text, and Scripture. The paper must be in current APA format (6th edition) and must include a reference page.

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Additional Instructions:

Chapter 1 of Hess & Cameron, Leading with Values (2006) begins with an introduction to ethical decision making and also explores the Christian’s involvement in ethical business. With this in mind, read chapter 1 from Hess & Cameron (uploaded) as they explored ethical culture at the Synovus Financial Corporation. The phrase they use, “just take care of your people,” is value-laden, and should resonate with the Believer in business. For this paper, answer the following questions:

1. How well did the Synovus Financial Corporation “take care of their people”? What role did the Synovus Financial Corporation’s leadership play in shaping their culture?
2. What biblical connections can be made to the values displayed by the Synovus Financial Corporation? Are these values discussed in current business/organizational literature?
The textbook is:
Hess & Cameron, Leading with Values (2006)

This paper must be formatted in APA format 6th edition (including references), written in third person, and must include only primary research (from academic/peer-reviewed journals). Refer to the APA Manual, 6th edition for formatting guidelines.

Biblical integration:
Provide integration of a biblical concept that supports the answer to the Case Study question. . Biblical integration is more than just quoting a verse. Be sure to explain the biblical principle seen in the verse and how that principle may be applied to the issue at hand.

The Bible, NIV, KJV, and NKJV are all acceptable for use in this order.

Using current APA format, list all references used in the paper.

In addition, the paper must meet the following standards:

• The thread consists of 500 thorough and convincing words.

• The content of the paper is well developed and fully addresses all aspects of the assignment.

• The paper is written well and is fluid, well organized, engaging, and fully addresses the questions presented.

• The sources are adequate and substantial for the paper and include the required amount.

• The clarity and mechanics contribute to discussion with clear, concise comments formatted in an easy to read style that is free of mechanical errors such as grammar and/or spelling. Current APA format 6th edition is applied correctly.

Important requirement: the uploaded paper must contain a statement that it meets or exceed all standards as provided in the instructions.

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