You have been invited to speak to a group of newly hired managers about organizational ethics and

You have been invited to speak to a group of newly hired managers about organizational ethics and values, and you will need to identify information that will help these managers understand the importance of being ethical role models and fostering an ethical work culture. Your talk should include a description of three (3) types of ethical dilemmas that could happen in the workplace and the potential impact of each dilemma on the following: 1) the organization, 2) employees and, 3) stakeholders. Discuss how management can prevent unethical behavior from happening and strategies for building and sustaining an ethical work culture. A copy of your talk will be shared with the new managers, so ensure that it is informative, engaging, and leaves a lasting impression. Assignment Criteria:  Prepare a 1000 word script, excluding the cover and references pages.  Present research to support your material from at least five (5) scholarly journal articles; and three of these sources must have been published within the last five (5) years.  In-text citations are not required for your script; however, you will need to follow APA style guidelines for the cover page and references page. The paper should be double-spaced with 1-inch margins on all sides, and in 12 pt. Times New Roman or 10 pt. Arial font.  Optional — submit a draft of this assignment to your Homework #2 Draft folder by October 11.  Submit your paper as an MS Word document to the Assignment folder by October 16.
 The Written Assignment Rubric will be used to evaluate all assignments, and this rubric is located on the Content page in the classroom.  Late assignments are subject to a penalty. See the section on Assignment Due Dates and Submitting Late Assignments in the Syllabus.  Your paper must be original to this course. If you have previously completed a similar assignment for another course or you are retaking this course, you cannot resubmit a paper previously submitted.

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