Identify a specific erognomic injury

Identify a specific erognomic injury—- “Name a type of specific ergonomic injury” and make an argument as to why this ergonomic injury is prevalent in the workplace, is very painful and safety professionals should be on guard to prevent this specific type of ergonomic injury. Provide details about the specific injury and its causes. Convince the instructor and your classmates that this injury painful and can be prevented with the proper techniques.So answer please this question.

#Here is three posts for my classmates you need to respond for each one please. (Do not criticize strongly) :

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Work being performed overhead can cause ergonomic stress and injuries which can lead to Musculoskeletal Disorders. This type of work is very common in the automobile industry as it applies to assembly lines. Overhead work will more directly affect the shoulders including front, side, middle, and rear deltoids. Common factors in relation to overhead work that can lead to injuries are Awkward postures, Cold temperatures, Contact stress, Force Repetition, Vibration, and especially static postures. This is prevalent in most industries, especially automobile because many spots in the assembly line of producing a car or truck will have overhead working areas. Overhead work stress can be reduced by proper training and job rotations so one employee won’t repeat the work for an extended period of time. BMW is testing a new vest called the “esko vest” which is aimed to reduce these injuries specifically for overhead work. The claim is the vest “provides ergonomic upper body and arm support that makes objects seemingly weightless and enables a worker to operate in a factory line posture without fatigue.” This could be a potential solution in time, BMW reported the thirty participant who tested the vest said “they didn’t won’t to take the vest off.”

Training can reduce this injury, but engineering out any issues dealing with overhead work seems more logical. The body isn’t designed for overhead working tasks so safety professionals must take the initiative to first engineer out all problems that is possible.


When I worked at the army depot a big issue among all the administraitve staff was carpal tunnel. Because they were on their computers for most of the day. When doing an ergonomic assesment on them we realized they were sitting in their chairs improperly and not using hand rests and taking breaks. So for everyone of them we gave hand rests for their wrists and adjusted their chair so they weren’t sitting incorrectly and told them to stretch before working and take “smoke breaks”, which just meant walk to the smoke shack and back, to get out of the office for a bit. For the workers who has really bad carpal tunnel we ordered specialized key boards for them so that it would take the pressure off their wrists. This type of injury can be very painful because we use our hands every single day and for everything we do. So to have pain constantly is not something that needs to happen.


Back injuries are the highest injuries in the workplace; in addition, most employees get injured because they don’t follow safety rules in the workplace. Moreover, employees are trying to find a job to get money and they go to the company and work and finish their job without any responsibly, but they get back injury within the time due to long term work. For example, Walmart employees are carrying heavy items all the time and I always see them carry it in the wrong way and they bend down in the wrong way, so the causes in this situation will develop many problems and the insurance company will pay for the injury, many employees lost their health in such different part on their body, and the companies pays for their lost. On the other hand, 20% of all workplace injuries are back injuries and 80% of all back injuries are the lower (Lumber) back. Also, based on ergonomics and back injury statistics that “workers’ compensation costs for MSD’s are between $15-20 billion annually, total direct and indirect costs may exceed $50 billion annually, and spinal fusion surgery can easily exceed $20,000.” So, that’s a lot for the insurance companies and we lost many employees. Finally, the companies should train their employees on how to do things safely and to follow it to avoid any ergonomic injury.

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