Identify one topic of interest to you concerning e-Commerce security.

Identify one topic of interest to you concerning e-Commerce security. In selecting your topic area, be specific about the scope of what will be discussed in the paper.

Instructions: Write a paper (6-8 pages not including illustrations or references) about that topic or a related sub-topic.

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6 pages does not include graphs or illustrations or the references.


Some general topic areas to consider:

Cryptography (e.g. the new Advanced Encryption Standard)
Digital signatures
Digital certificates
Protocols related to Certificates
Hacking exploits
e-Payment system processes, adoption and security concerns
Web services security
Mobile computing security
Cloud-based computing security
Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) security considerations
Security architecture frameworks
If there is another topic or issue related to e-commerce security that is of more personal interest to you, send an email note to the instructor to ensure that the topic will be acceptable and within the scope of the assignment.

Response Format Notes: Your homework response should include navigation links to the sections within the paper. You should provide a links from the main page of your document to its sub-sections. Use a navigation bar with previous|next buttons, etc. can be included if necessary.

The presentation and clarity of the paper’s central theme, the clarity of discussion around central points, and the paper’s ease of navigation will be important in the grading of this assignment.

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