How Does Social Media Impact People’s Thinking?

How Does Social Media Impact People’s Thinking?

provide 7 Annotated Journal articles RE:  Final Project( How Does Social Media Impact People’s Thinking?)

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___  must come from 2 or more Databases

For each journal article found …

* List database used

* # entries you will how many number?

* Keywords used you will write that b/c l reviwe after do it.

* APA Style Citation

* short annotation as to how it relates to your final project idea (How Does Social Media Impact People’s Thinking?)


#2 —  Provide one  example of “Content Analysis” journal article

___  Provide APA citation for the article

___  Provide detailed Justification as to why it is classified as content analysis

I send one for exapel for artical you can see it and if you have edter it is better.

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