How can quality, time and cost requirements be balanced

How can quality, time and cost requirements be balanced? (100 words)

Q.2 Detail the methods and procedures that might be used by an organisation to communicate with customers to identify and agree on product/ service specifications. (150 words)

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Q.3 How can an organisation manage records, reports and recommendations within the organisation’s systems and processes? How is this information used? How could the information be used to greater effect? (150 words)

Q.4 Identify and explain the stages that should be followed when dealing with/ managing a customer complaint. (200 words)






Q. 5  Why is it necessary to clearly identify, before designing product and service offerings, customer needs, and what are some of the less obvious service aspects that might inform purchasing decisions? (200 words)

Q.6 Develop and document a detailed process whereby it will be possible to investigate, identify, assess, and include the needs of customers in planning processes. Your document should be the equivalent of 1 page in length.

note. Plans need to address:
1) identification of target markets—market research—market segmentation, sampling profiling etc to determine needs
2) collection and analysis of information via surveys, records relating to sales and customer complaints, returns etc
3) methods of identifying specific customers—both current and prospective—who they are, where they come from

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