Health Informatics Research Paper

Health Informatics Research Paper

Health Informatics  The current medical health care has faced tremendous changes due to high competitiveness in the medical sector. As such, there has been a need to adopt computerization in the programs undertaken across the health sector.
However, this was not achieved, until recently, as the organization had contracted various vendors to provide national health informatics system.

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Ideally, the degree of using information technology in the health sector, preferably NHIS, has been high, and the program undertaken has enhanced efficiency in the activities of the health sector. Most of the practices undertaken in the health sector have extensive computerized clinical records, which aims at achieving the strategic goals.

Although computerization may be attributed to the machines in the sector, individual practices should be scrutinized with the aim of achieving accuracy in the operations (O’Carroll, 2003). Clinical Informatics has altered the activities of health care through analysis, design, implementation, and evaluation of various communication and information systems in the health sector.

This has enhanced population and individual health outcomes, strengthening the patient-clinical relationship and improving patient care.

Clinical informatics relies on the knowledge on the care of patients by combining the understanding the informatics methods, concepts, and various health informatics tools.

The main functions of clinical health informatics are to assess the knowledge and information needs of the patients and professionals in the health care…………………………

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