You are the Head of Marketing of Volkswagen (VW) and tasked

The Brief: You are the Head of Marketing of Volkswagen (VW) and tasked to prepare a report discussing organisation’s corporate reputation, especially the concerns and issues revolving around the “defeat device” in diesel engines and the organisation’s che

Your report must address the following:

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1) Evaluate those forces which influence a brand’s corporate reputation


2) Identify and assess the issues revolving around the VW scandal


3) Make recommendations to restore and rebuild the corporate image of VW


4) Cite relevant theories, concepts, as well as similar cases to support your recommendations

Include a list of References and Bibliography

You must include a range of research in all answers, this may include relevant concepts and theories from text books, journal articles, websites, market research databases such as Mintel, company or industry sources.  Reference research using CU Harvard style.

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