Food Insecurity and Health NURSING ESSAY

Food Insecurity and Health

Food Insecurity and Health Name Institution Food Insecurity and Health My reflection is on social inequality and it impact on health. Based on this article, class discussions and my own understanding, I will focus on developed countries, especially Canada.
Economic disparity makes the population to experience other form of disparity (Tarasuk, 2009). According to Mikkonen& Raphael (2010), low income predisposes people to lack of necessities such as food, clothing and housing. Economic disparities influence the health of an individual or society. Another case is the fact that gender inequality occurs in favor of boys. Although some women may be at par with boys, they lack equal chances and this affects them emotionally and psychologically. Another aspect is inequality in relation to sexual orientation. Due to lack of legislation legalizing same sex marriages, diseases arising from these unions are not treated and this may cause serious health problems. Racial inequalities also affect people’s well being. For example, some people cannot access decent and affordable healthcare services due to racism. In addition, exposure to poor surrounding, unemployment, poor quality education will lead to medical and social problems. Poor primary health care is a recipe for health risk in future (Kriegler et al., 2003). Food Insecurity and Health The most impacting story I have heard from people close to me is a child brought up from a family with no proper source of income. He was from a single parent. The mother could not afford sufficient and quality food. She could also not afford the necessary primary health care. They lived in a suburb in association with hostile neighbors. ………………………………..

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